Added ability to use arm to deploy seismometer.

In this release the user can lift the seismometer from the lander and place it on the Mars ground.

The user can also use a flashlight on the right hand and shine it on the lander. This will make it easier later on to investigate components, especially on the underside of the lander.

A series of meshes and materials on and around the lander have been adjusted to use only the URP Simple Lit shader.

The accumulated changes has lead to a file size reduction of 3.9 MB compared to v0.0.1.

Release notes 

(Added) Simple flashlight on the wrist of the right hand. Non-volumetric. For investigating hull and parts below the science deck.

(Added) Auto-play animation (on the press of a button) where the Instrument Deployment Arm opens up, lifts up the seismometer and puts it on the Mars ground.

(Added) Simple signs with questionmarks. At the moment they act as placeholders for future interesting components on the lander which the user will be able to investigate and learn more about.

(Changed) Surrounding landscape to use separate material to omit it from shadow map generation pass.

(Fixed) Changed multiple objects to use the URP Simple Lit shader. Some were using the Lit shader as well as the Standard shader.

(Fixed) Changed hands to use the URP Simple Lit shader.


com.vicator.marsland_v0.0.3.apk 53 MB
Dec 05, 2020

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