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2017-04-09: General comments

There has been little activity on the development of this game. Since the release of the CV1 and HTC Vive I have had plans on updating this small game for those devices but have not found the time (nor do I have the new mount for the Leap Motion) to do so.

I will keep the executable as a downloadable still but please be aware that it might not work on your setup.


2015-12-21: New V0.8 build available that solves most bugs.


Rayhands is a tiny puzzle game that prototypes a simple game play that extends the reach of your physical hands. It was developed for the Leap Motion 3D Jam 2015. In Rayhands we use two different hand skills; a) a simple locomotion and selection UX and b) casting of light rays and bullets that reaches beyond the normal reach of leap motion hands.


* Leap Motion
* Oculus Runtime 0.8
* Powerful GPU: It was developed using a GTX970 and 980 since it utilizes Unity 5 realtime Global Illumination setup. Apologies in advance if your machine can not cope with the lightning conditions :)


Works best if you enable the "Automatic Interaction Height" tickbox in leap motion.


Find the pillars at the end of the corridor and try to light up the spheres surrounding them.

How to play:

With your left hand you will ge able to move back and forth (after solving a puzzle) by extending your palm away from your head (move forward) or pointing your palm toward the head (move backward). Be careful with the latter since it is not stabilised at the moment. See movie: Moving with left hand

With your right hand you will select objects and aim your rays of light (just point and click). You can gain access to the light ray from either side of the ray by selecting the light bulbs. Se movie: Move and cast ray


* There is no in-game music but there is audio-narration in the beginning and end.

Youtube walkthrough:

Rayhands walkthrough (Youtube)

Install instructions

Requires Oculus Runtime 0.8

Requires powerful GPU: E.g. GTX 970 since it is all based on Realtime Global Illumination.

I wish you a happy puzzle in this mini-game!


Rayhands V0.8.zip 21 MB


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Hey every time I download it gives me 139092.zip or says the file is corrupted